Trial Xtreme 4: Mod Unlocked 2.13.8 Mod APK

What is Trial Xtreme 4 Mod Unlocked?

Trial Xtreme 4: Mod Unlocked

Trial Xtreme 4 Mod Unlocked is the latest installment in the Trial Xtreme series, offering the best trial bike game in the world. This unlocked mod version allows players to access premium features and content right from the start, without needing to progress through the game to unlock them.

Features of Trial Xtreme 4 Mod APK

Spectacular and Challenging Levels

The game offers more than 160 spectacular and challenging levels, perfectly designed to provide you with a unique driving experience.

Earn Money in Races, Tournaments and Duels

Players can earn money in races, tournaments and duels. This money can be used to improve your bike’s abilities, increase your performance on the track, and customize your bike with cool add-ons.

3D Graphics and Super Responsive Controls

The game’s 3D graphics, along with its super-responsive physics engine and controls, provide an unmatched gaming experience.

Customization and Improvements

Players can customize their rider with cool gear, as well as upgrade their bikes to increase their performance on the track.

Why use Trial Xtreme 4 Mod Unlocked?

If you are a fan of motorcycle games and looking for a challenge, Trial Xtreme 4 Mod Unlocked is for you. Not only does it offer exciting and challenging gameplay, but it also allows you to customize and upgrade your motorcycle and rider.


In short, Trial Xtreme 4 Mod Unlocked is an impressive trials bike game that offers a unique and exciting gaming experience. With a host of challenging levels, customization options and upgrades, and stunning 3D graphics, this game is sure to keep you hooked for hours.

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